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We Have All the Ingredients You Need to find and hire quality healthcare professionals.

Guide Publication’s Recruitment Ingredients can offer you an effective and affordable way to target potential healthcare professionals. With our creativity and effective strategies we can get you the results you are looking for.

For more information about us call at 732-263-9675 or email [email protected]


Text-A-Professional: Person to person text conversations offer a transparent way to communicate, and the 1 to 1 conversation is way more effective than a phone call. Our databases contain thousands of healthcare professionals, our system is compatible with most smart devices and is FDC compliant.


Direct mail postcards are a cost effective way to reach hundreds or thousands of potential healthcare candidates that are looking to attend your events, programs and open houses. We take care of:

  • Designing and printing an eye catching postcard that candidates actually hold on to
  • Mailing the postcards at just the right time to maximize candidate attendance
  • Using updated and accurate mailing lists to target key healthcare professionals



MDs • NPs / APNs • RNs • LPNs • CNAs/CMAs • CHHAs • PTs • OTs • SLPs Social Workers • Respiratory Therapists • Massage Therapists

Whether you are looking to Hire or Promote an Open House, the “Strictlys” can do the job. We have spent years building a database of Thousands of Healthcare Professionals and now we are pleased to provide you with a simple cost effective platform to reach them ~ The Strictlys reach professionals…via their personal email!  Also, ask about our exclusive blast emails for individual exposure!


Our events target all Nursing, Allied Health and Social Service Professionals. Each event is backed by a strong marketing campaign to bring the professionals in. You attend and the job seekers will come!  Call for dates and booth costs:  Stacey LaBruno (732)263-9675

Digital Advertising

Banner Ads • Facebook • LinkedIn

Let us do the work, Banner Advertising will get you that Exposure! With 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising we know how to reach the right audience on the right websites.

With our precise marketing we have the ability to hyper-target candidates by age, lifestyle, and geography. With our planning and creation of a digital display campaign, your banner ads will reach hundreds of thousands.


Let us host your next recruitment open house or event. We have planned, marketed and staged Job Fairs, Expos and Open Houses for successful recruitment.

We know how to bring the qualified candidates to you. Together, we can create an effective strategy to make your next event a success.

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